Five Cities Water Systems - Water Bob mislead customers

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Water Bob rip off!

Do not let smooth talker Water Bob from Five Cities Water Systems sell you a ScaleStop water treat ment system.

After selling this system as an upgrade over water softners customers of Shea homebuilders were refused refunds for this "wonderful" self contained "softner".

When it proved to be smoke and mirrors Bob kept everyone's cash and refused to refund. Luckily for some Shea stepped up and did the right thing and refunded their money.

Unfortunately for me, I got stuck because I purchased from the smooth ripoff artist "Water Bob". Buyer beware! Stay away please!

Review about: Scalestop.


Santa Maria, California, United States #748140

This is a dangerous company to do business with.Be very careful with the wording on their contract - "Check for leaks".

If there is a leak 5 Cities Water will tell you it's your fault for not finding it.

We had several thousand dollars of damage caused by them and it became an insurance nightmare because they refused to pay.I strongly recommend not doing business with them based on my experience.


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